About The Hi-Line Co.

The Hi-Line Co. is much more than just a storefront on a street. It is a company founded in Montana by real, local Montanans. That’s why we call it “a real Montana brand” because it is.

And because The Hi-Line Company is also a cattle brand. But that’s another story.

The Hi-Line was created by people who have lived and worked all over the great state of Montana. Most of them were born in the Hi-Line and are still living there to this day. When you’re from Montana, you know what that means.

It means hard work. It means integrity. It means grit. It means serving others. It means honesty and doing the right thing no matter what.

Work is hard in Montana. On the Hi-Line, it’s harder. And the stakes are even higher.

The founders of The Hi-Line Co. wanted to build a real Montana company that worked as hard as real, local Montanans. They wanted to create a legacy that originated in Montana and exemplified the values they learned from the Hi-Line. The Hi-Line Co. is that company.

We started on a pile of logs next to our barn on the Hi-Line. We know the value of hard work, believe in transparency, and strive for best-in-class quality. When the stakes are high and the work is hard, come on down to The Hi-Line. Co. – a real Montana brand.

We will lend a hand.

Meet The Founders

Meet our four founders. Real local Montanas who live, work, and breathe the values of The Hi-Line Co.



Chuck Holman was born and raised on a cattle ranch in Chinook, Montana–a small town located directly on the Hi-Line. He spent most of his formative years learning about life from his family’s cattle ranch and from the bitter landscape of the Hi-Line, and in his early 20’s he decided to pursue a career in landscaping and soil health.

He spent 19 years in the soil and landscaping business, which included a long stint as a youth ministry leader. He also gained a background in massage therapy and myofascial relief. From his experience in soil and land management, and his deep rooted passion for health and wellness, Chuck turned to the cannabis industry. He wanted to help bring natural relief to those he had seen in his life that needed it the most–the hardworking and dedicated farmers and countrymen he grew up around in Chinook on the Hi-Line.



Colby Johnson was born and raised on a farm on the hi-line in Conrad, Montana. He grew up farming wheat and barley, and raising cattle with his family, and after college in 2012, transitioned into raising pulse crops on his own farm in Conrad.

In 2017, he was one of the first farmers in Montana to grow industrial hemp. Despite attending college at Duke University in North Carolina and wrestling competitively as a student athlete, his heart has always been in Montana and in the hi-line. With the legalization of cannabis in the state in 2022, he knew his experience growing hemp could help support the new industry in the state.

Out of his love for Montana, his passion for helping his local community, his expertise in farming, and as one of the first subject matter experts for growing hemp in the state, in the same year cannabis was legalized Colby helped found The Hi-Line Co.



Jessica Wood was born, raised, attended college, and still lives to this day in Missoula, Montana. She is a deeply rooted and passionate Montanan, with family ties that extend all throughout the great state, including to Haver where her grandfather was once the Sheriff (Havre is a town located on the Hi-Line).

Jessica has a BA in German, and a BS and MS in Chemistry from the University of Montana. She has spent her entire career working in compliance and quality control, first in nutritional supplements, next in CBD, and lastly now for The Hi-Line Co.

Jessica has dedicated her working life to the safety and quality of naturopathic medicines. She has always been interested in natural and alternative treatments, and wanted to help safely facilitate the expansion of that industry into Montana, where she and all her family live. She is extremely passionate about making sure consumers have the highest quality products, and are always getting exactly what they pay for.



Richard “Keith” Shear was born and raised in the Five Valleys. As a third generation construction contractor, Richard has 20 years experience in all facets of general construction and iron work. Richard attended the University of Montana and studied geology and metal fabrication. He began his relationship with cannabis over 15 years ago and has been growing as a hobby for more than 10 years.

Richard became involved to the farming and extraction of hemp in 2016. During this time Richard quickly saw a need for safe, consumer forward practice in the medical cannabis field. That market need led to the forming of The Hi-Line Company with Jessica, Chuck, and Colby.

Tell Me About The Brand

The Hi-Line Co. has two registered cattle brands with the state of Montana. Brands have been used  throughout history as a visual means to identify ownership of livestock, and registration of cattle brands with the state has been a requirement in Montana since 1872.

And while we don’t use our branding irons to mark any animals, the founders wanted to pay homage to their deep roots in the cattle industry by developing and registering brands, just as their families have done generations before them.

For us, the branding irons serve as a reminder of our humble beginnings, and our connection to the great state of Montana.

Today, we use our irons to artfully label different parts of our stores and merchandise. Love the The Hi-Line Co. brand and want to have something unique branded with our irons? Contact us for more information about custom branding!

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